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Published: 2021-09-27 11:15:03
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On the other hand, the nature football is very aggressive ND hazardous. There are many fans think there should be little to no regulations or changes because football is meant to be an aggressive sport. Football is considered to be a holy sport for most people in America. Thousands of fans watch each game and revolve their schedule around the NFG. The NFG has started trying to prevent concussions; in 2010 the NFG made a new rule that a player cannot tackle another player in head to head contact. As the fans and players started rioting against this rule, it helped in preventing concussions.
There are often many injuries involved in the sport of oddball, but most injuries consist of concussions and other head traumas. A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that is caused by a blow to the head or body, a fall, or another injury that shakes the brain inside the skull. Although there may be cuts or bruises on the head or face, there may be no other visible signs of a brain injury. The NFG needs to start implementing strict rules and harder punishments for people who play dirty or try to hurt others. Many players have been hit so hard to the extent that the injuries end their careers.
Players often have long term effects from most injuries involved n football. These players being injured with a concussion is a serious matter because there is no physical signs of the injury. Although it is obvious that the NFG needs to protect its players better, many people still believe otherwise. Those people believe that football is football, it is meant for being aggressive and hitting hard. They also say that players are being penalized for something that happened accidental. Although this may be true sometimes, without the rules players can take advantage and play dirty. (WV.

NFG. Com) The NFG data shows an average of one reported concussion every other game. About 120 to 130 concussions occur per regular season. Every year that NFG rules get stricter, the number of concussions decreases. These rules need to become more strict because concussions are a serious thing to have and most people usually don't know when they one. A reporter from USA Today explains how coaches should approach this matter. He said, "Signs and symptoms of concussions may be delayed, and therefore it may be prudent to remove an athlete from play, but when in doubt, take a timeout" (Bell).
NFG isn't really doing much in dealing with the concussions. In the past year more than 160 players went down with a head injury. In response, the NFG fines players for their bad judgment on the field, which means nothing to them. Steve Inspire reported a New England defensive back stating, "Fines never mattered to me, being suspend for hitting a player helmet to helmet caught my attention. Because fines don't matter to a millionaire. " Also, people might say these rules about players not being able to tackle the way they want will cause them to not play as well and soften them up.
Sports reporter Tom Goldman said "its football, big hits are and always will be a part of the sport. " (Goldman). However, as professionals they should know how to change their name and adapt to the newer and safer rules of the NFG. They are allowed to hit as hard as they want but it's where they are hitting that is the problem. In the NFG if a defensive player hits a quarter back helmet to helmet he is penalized. Also, if a defensive player hits a quarter back after the play he is penalized. NFG has to try harder in protecting their players.
In the past there where barely any rules, players didn't even wear metal helmets. They wore leather Ones which didn't protect them at all. Players in the past were twice more likely to get a concussion then players are now. The NFG rules on incursions are now stricter, but the amount of concussions this year is still too high. In the future, players should wear better helmets and have more gear on. There should be a medical staff on the sidelines in case of emergencies. Also, they should have operating rooms if injuries are too severe.
After a big hit the player shouldn't come back to game unless a doctor agrees. Reporter says "If a certified athletic trainer were to see the hit again slow motion from a replay, he might say wait a minute we need to check him out. (McCann) Reporter Garret Bell explains "Quarterback Colt McCoy was allowed to continue playing after suffering a concussion, Macy's hand was checked out, but was never tested for a concussion because the medical staff didn't see the replay and missed the head get hit. " After all the rules NFG has changed this year it still didn't fix the problem.
This year three major quarterbacks where injured from concussions which is an example of how the NFG still hasn't done enough to protect its players. Jay Cutler from the Chicago Bears, Alex Smith from the San Francisco errs, and Michael Vicki from the Philadelphia Eagles has been injured this year with concussions. Jay Cutler and the Bears didn't make it to the playoffs because of his injury. They started their season 7-1 , and when Jay Cutler got injured they finished the season 9-6. Michael Vicki missed the football season. Alex Smith lost his starting possession after he was injured.
All these players and their teams were affected because one person wasn't careful enough to control himself. NFG hasn't done enough as shown by each of those Quarterbacks. Because the NFG has started to make a lot Of changes towards injuries this year retired football players feel that they should have gotten this treatment when they were playing. That's why many football veterans are suing the NFG today. A reporter from USA TODAY says 'The NFG is a target of federal lawsuits by more than 3,700 former players who allege that for decades the league failed to protect from concussions and their long-term effects.
Today Boston will release a report that includes the cases of 33 former NFG players diagnosed after their deaths with brain damage linked to repeated concussions. " (Misses) Another reporter states "There is a disease called Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy which is often associated with concussions. Studies show that this can be incipient in people as young as 18. (Bell) Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy is a degenerative brain disease that results in behaviors similar to Alchemist's disease. However, according to researchers, it has a clear environmental cause of repeated brain trauma rather than a genetic cause.
This disease is most often known from ex-boxers, so it as if players are being punched in the head. Though this disease doesn't show up right away it often shows up later in their life. So players are not only being affected during their time playing football, but even after 20, 30, or even 40 years after they retire. "With all the steps the NFG has to improve layer safety, against all the backdrops of the hundreds of ex- players suing the NFG for not revealing more knowledge about head injuries" said reporter Garret Bell.
There are hundreds of parents that don't allow their children to play football from how easily things can wrong, even after knowing youth football players do drills aimed at reducing their risks of concussions. Football is a beautiful sport and a great exercise. If the NFG doesn't start making changes soon to improve their players' safety it may be stopped as a professional sport in America, especially if players keep receiving concussions ND diseases from the sport. Players, teams, and cities have been affected by these concussions.
The NFG ended up realizing this problem 3 years ago in 201 0 and still hasn't fixed it. It is reported "In 201 0 through 6 weeks of the season it was reported that 35 players have been on injury lists, unable to play because of head injuries. (Goldman) If everyone were to watch football they would see what players go through every game. Players that are hurt the most are the ones that don't see it coming. They are most often hit on their blind side. Many people know the NFG-L needs to change, but very few people are trying to change it.
Journalist Gary Misses explains, "The NFG is stressing a change in culture when it comes to a head injury. " (USA TODAY) In the NFG, football players should learn drills on how to tackle properly to reduce concussions. They should also, be put in simulations and scrimmages to learn how to avoid this harmful injury. Furthermore, players should be tested before football season to see how fragile their bodies are. That way teams can determine the amount of padding a player needs. All in all, it is obvious that the NFG needs to change its rules and regulations for the sake of the players and for the sake of the game.

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