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Published: 2021-09-28 08:05:03
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My sthrongest dimensions after taking the self-test are intellectual health, social health and environmental health. I think that I am sthrongest in intellectual health because I don’t make rash decisions in my life without thinking about the consequences. When I was younger I seemed to get myself in trouble a few times and at one point it got so bad that I had to really look at myself and question the decisions that I was making. I learned from the mistakes that I made in my teen years and have helped me a lot when making decisions in work and with friends.
In social health I scored sthrongest in this category I feel because I am able to listen to others problems without making it about myself. If a friend comes to me with a problem, I tend to listen to them more than give my own opinion or feedback unless I am asked. I always try to give people the benefit of doubt and don’t judge them when I first meet them. Social health also includes relationships with family and friend, I come from a close knit family and have a good relationship with my immediate family and can’t see myself not ever talking to any of them.
My friendship also have the stayed the same tthroughout the years, I have the same friends I have had since high school and college. In environmental health I believe was one of many sthrongest because over the years I have become aware of global warming and the affect that is being done to our planet and resources. When I am brushing my teeth, I turn of the faucet until I need the water again; I also use energy saving light bulbs all around my house to save electricity. I have been recycling bottles, cans and paper and have even gotten some of my family members to do the same.

I know that I can do more in regards to getting out there and spread the word little by little. The way that I can become sthronger in physical health is by exercising more, whether it be taking the stairs instead of the elevator or going for a walk around the block. I could also try to improve my physical health by eating healthier meals during the day and cutting out junk food and instead eat more vegetables and fruits. I can also try and improve my sleeping patterns and get more sleep during the night.
The way that I can change my emotional health is by understanding me more, for example, if I am feeling mad or aggravated at some one, I can take time and compose myself and approach the situation differently. The way that I can change my spiritual health is by getting more involved in the community and do more charitable events. I have to involve myself more in nature, for example, if I go to the park I can sit on a bench and listen to the birds chirping, the wind blowing and connect with Mother Nature. Some personal choices that I can make to improve my health are; exercising, eating healthy and quit smoking.
I have started to get back in the routine of exercising for at least an hour a day, I will be using the shaping technique so that I won’t overwhelm myself and quit within the first couple of days. In eating healthy I can learn to cut out junk and greasy food, it’s important that I learn this because I have a daughter myself and I don’t want her to suffer from any health issues, such as diabetes or child obesity. I have to make these choices so that I can be a good example to my daughter and she will be able to make better choices.
A behavior change technique that could help me I shaping, which is when “to reach a goal, you may need to take several individual steps, each designed to change one small piece of a larger behavior” (Donatelle, 2010). This technique would help me in exercising, for example, I can begin to walk for 30 minutes a day and after my body becomes accustomed to the exercise I will add more minutes to it until I have become used to working out. Another behavior change is called visualization, which mearns “mentally practice can transform healthy behavior into healthy ones” (Donatelle, 2010).
This technique could help also in my exercise, for example, if I am going up a hill I can mentally tell myself “you can do this”. This will prepare my mind so that my body will go. Another technquie I called modeling which mearns “learning behaviors by watching other perform them” (Donatelle, 2010). This would be helpful in exercising because I will have someone else who can go to the gym with me and be motivated by them just being there. Controlling the situation would mean “the right setting or the right group of people will positively influence your behavior” (Donatelle, 2010).

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