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Published: 2021-10-01 17:50:06
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Operations management is the effectiveness and efficiency of organization resources in producing their desired products and services for their customers. In implementing the college of business administration strategies in order to achieve the objectives and goals, Dr. Bay needs to control and execute the university operations that will convert their resources into desired final products and services.
1. Importance of information received After the faculty complaints, Dr. Bay took a strategy of collecting and studying the organization faculty estimates and work sample on the administrative staff.
This is important as he understands that if the complaints of the faculty are not addressed, he could loose them to another university and may loose the university national reputation which is important in today’s job market. Research is important for increasing the market share, growth and productivity therefore, Dr. Bay will note the collected information characteristics in enabling research objectives to be met. He should analyze and compare the faculty estimate with the support staff point of say.

The material collected shows different figures of estimates and samples and represent different meanings. Therefore, it should be interpreted carefully for true results of the matter. Dr. Bay is an example of a good leader by relating with his staff members and providing daily leadership service. The data represent research findings evidence where he can base his evaluation and decisions. He therefore can use the data to approach his junior colleagues with fairness and still facilitate harmonious relations.
The data would be used in shaping up team spirit and clear communication structures.
2. Methods suggested of making better the assistants jobs so they can maximize their time and be more helpful to their supervisors. Decision science group is a service industry involving a lot of interactions between the faculty, administrative assistants and students. Thus, well coordinated interpersonal and technical skills are essential for the interactions in the department. A respectful and agreed interaction reduces waste of time in complaining and provides more time for supporting the faculty. Read also the Abco company manufactures electrical assemblies
In the process of the administrative assistants carrying out their duties and responsibilities they should receive motivation from the faculty, their colleagues, students and their institution staff. A motivated staff would be frequently willing and able to support the faculty at any required time. Both the faculty and administrative assistants have different understandings and expectations of each others duties and responsibilities. Dr. Bay as their leader should address the different types of misunderstandings in each functional area by giving them different interventions in their area and the entire organization.
For the administrative assistants to be more supportive to their faculty, job satisfaction as a strategy tool could be used. This could be in the form of salaries and benefits, support, encouragement, training opportunities, guidance and help from the faculty and coworkers (Berwick, 2009). The administrative staff should also be supported and encouraged by the faculty as a sense of belonging to a team. They should be given a chance for training opportunities to enhance their abilities and skills for a better service for their leaders.
3. Formulas by professors to minimize the burden on support staff.

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