Our Children and the Avalanche of Crud

Published: 2021-09-27 13:20:03
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In the essay "Buried Alive: Our Children and the Avalanche of Crud", David Denby argues that pop culture is distinctive and damaging to children in the United States today. Pop culture is damaging because media has changed to become three- dimensional, inescapable, omnivorous, and self-referring. Media, according to Denby is everywhere; you cannot step away from the system of it. It has been known to be a commercialized aggression that puts parents on defense. Children now days have become commoditized towards television because they are being sold.
Children are being treated as objects because of how television is influencing them. Television is teaching a child that is it cool to be vulgar. Denby suggest that vulgarity is a concept children do not understand because the makers of commercial cultures teach them not too. Denby argues that the old dream that parents and teachers would nurture the development of a child is now lost. Media has taken over the parental role because it is teaching children negative concepts and parents do not have control over this.
Irony plays a part in this aspect because this is a form of commodity. Media does not only influence children through television but also through the products that you can buy in store or online. I agree with Denby because television shows have taught children to become vulgar and stereotypical. Television shows have become increasingly influential towards children because it has been teaching children about vulgarity and stereotypes in a negative way. In the article, "Why Greek Girls are Tired of 'Big Bang' Bullshit," Kristy Pirone analyzes the elevision show The Big Bang Theory.

The Big Bang Theory according to Pirone is a sexist and stereotypical television show that portrays men to hold a higher archery towards women. Pirone identifies this show by being sexist because "... Lit] accepts the idea that only men can be "geeks" with open arms. " Chuck Lorre created The Big Bang Theory, the same man who created Two and a Half Men. Lorre is known to create shows with perpetuating stereotypes that could be insulting to men as well as women. These shows are constantly reducing women to nothing more than sex- providers and men to predatory creeps.

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