Overpopulation in China

Published: 2021-09-29 12:25:04
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The population of the world today is increasing greatly each day. For years now, China's population has been over one billion and just recently a family in India gave birth to the one-billionth child. The estimated birth per day in India is an overwhelming 42,000 births. At this rate, there will not be enough land for inhabitants to live and survive in. Over-population causes many difficulties, for example China faces many problems such as crowded living arrangements. Some families do not even have enough income to feed their children a proper meal.
The amount of people not only affects the families but also the country itself. For instance, for the amount of people, there may not be enough jobs. Proper health care may not be provided, because there are just too many people, which may cause a lot of health problems. A child's education is also at risk because there will be too many students in one classroom for one teacher to teach. Also, some countries may experience a shortage in food because there may be such a great demand for it that the country itself may not be able to provide the food in the amounts that are needed.
Over population also causes less serious problems, things such as crowed sidewalks and streets. Too many cars on the road would also cause the problem of pollution. These everyday hassles would cause a person much frustration and undue stress, which could be avoided if the population was not too great. Suggestions have been made to decrease this problem, theories have been studied and yet implementation of these objectives have not been properly sought through.

Although, there are two very good suggestions for this problem which include, the government passing a law that only allows a family to have two children and no more, a law such as this one has already been introduced in China. This may not seem fair but in countries such as these, it is necessary, to avoid such problems. The other is as simple as sex education. This solution may seem worthless, but would slowly show results. If solutions such as these were used in countries for instance, like China and India, from the beginning, then the problem of population would not even be an issue today.
As stated above, the government intervening on this problem and allowing a family only a certain amount of children is an excellent solution. Having a limit on how many children a family is allowed to have is a great way to control the problem in the hopes of decreasing the problem of over population. In order to make certain that families do not go over the limit, the government should do yearly checks on the families. This would consist of a member of the government looking in the family files and seeing how many people are situated in a family.
If a family exceeds the limit of two children, then the parents should be responsible in paying a fine or paying more taxes yearly. If the family exceeds the limit of two children, but the child is not born yet or is a new born the parents should have the choice of giving up the child to a couple that is unable to get pregnant with the certainty that the child will know who his or her biological parents are and be allowed to have contact with them if they wish to do so.
If the parents do not agree with the first option then, the other choice they have is to pay more taxes each year. This way, only the families that can afford more then two children will be able to have bigger families. Having this law implemented not only decreases the problem of over population, but gives the children a better quality of life. Parents will take on more responsibility knowing what they will face such as an increase in their taxes or get fines if they exceed the limit of children the government has allowed them.
It may not seem fair that the government be allowed to have this kind of control, but in such extreme cases it is needed so that the problem does not get too far out of hand. The world already has two countries that have a population of over one billion and there are probably other countries that are over populated when compared to the amount of land that they have, that is why it is necessary to have a law such as this one being practiced by such countries who need it to avoid all the other problems that can occur.
This next suggestion of sex education may sound like such a simple solution, because in North America it is taught to every student, but other countries may not teach it like its taught here and this may be a contributing factor to why population is becoming a bigger problem. Sex education is very important not only for the individuals protection against disease, but so that the person is aware of all the options that are available for birth control. If people were taught that it is alright to use birth control then maybe use of it would be practiced.
There are so many different methods of birth control that one should not feel as though one specific technique makes him or her uncomfortable and therefore he or she will not use it. Sex is such a private subject that causes many people to feel uncomfortable discussing it, but if schools were to start teaching it along with teaching students abstinence at an early age, then, when the time comes for the individual to take some responsibility, he or she will not be embarrassed to do so.
Doctors should also teach their patients the different types of birth control that are available for them to use and also make it easily accessible for the patients to get them, that way there is nothing holding an individual back from using them. Another way of informing people of birth control other than through schools and doctors is to have advertising, through television and radio, magazines, and billboard signs.
That way people are facing the issue everyday and may realize that the use of birth control is not such a bad idea. People will grow to be more comfortable with the issue of sex and birth control and just maybe then the problem of over population will decrease and families will consists of less children which will also decrease the poverty level of that many families face. Even though a lot of people may not agree with the action that is taking place in order to correct over population, it must be done.
Children are not living the quality of life that they should be living, they are not getting the proper meals and are therefore not as healthy and are malnourished, and their education is at risk because classrooms are getting crowed with too many children. The streets are too busy and cramped; cars on the road are causing more pollution. Controlling the population would decrease the amount of families that live in poverty because families that are able to afford more children would only have big families while the other families would have just two children and they would not be struggling to give their kids the proper quality of life.
Although it seems as though the solution to the problem of over population is simple and that by the government passing laws or having the proper education for these people is just going to make the problem disappear, it will not. The process will be very long and results will not be seen so soon, this may cause a lot of anger in people because their lives are being changed so drastically and in some cases they may feel as though they are being asked to change their morals and also because no formal results will be seen so soon.
Over population is just one problem, but in fact has a snowball effect and causes many more problems that have been stated above. If people were able to realize these problems and be willing to help out by taking birth control and not contribute to the problem that the world is facing today, then maybe one day over population would not be an problem any more and would just seem like issue that was dealt with.

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