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Published: 2021-09-29 16:50:04
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Do you ever dream of being educated in an internationally reputed university?
There are so many reputed universities in so many beautiful countries, that at the end of the day it becomes hard for us to choose one. So help us help you get over the confusion, of why you should choose Australia for your education, over other countries.
So here are a list of reasons on why we think Australia is the best.

International Recognition

Australian courses and universities are internationally recognized among world renowned organizations and universities

 One of the Best Educational Systems in the World

Australia has an excellent world-class educational system. In fact, eight of Australia's universities feature in the top 100 ranked universities in the world, in the QS ranking list. Australian immigration records show that every year about 70,000 students get enrolled in various institutions or universities in the country

Educational Cost Reasonably Priced Compared to other Top Rated Countries

The educational cost here is reasonably priced compared to that of the USA and UK. The average tuition fees here is about Rs 20 lakhs per annum

Diversity in Courses Provided by University

Universities here have a huge diversity of courses and programs that are at par with global standards. These courses are regularly updated and new ones are added if needed. The most popular ones are engineering, social sciences, natural science, medical fields etc.


The Australian Government and universities provide scholarships and grants for deserving international students. As a matter of fact Australia provides more scholarships and grants to students than other country. The Annual government investment on international student scholarship is about $200,000,000

Part Time Jobs

A student is allowed to work for 40 hours over 2 weeks, when his/her course is in session. The time can be divided based on the students convenience and course timing. When not in session(i.e. during breaks) students are allowed to work for an unlimited time. The Fair wage Act guarantees a minimum wage of about 17$ per hour. The part time jobs that students are allowed to undertake include clerical roles in companies, sales, tele callers and telemarketing, tutors, agricultural related activities, restaurants, cafés, hotels etc.


The government provides international students with loans to aid in their financial expenses. These expenses include tuition fees, living expenditures etc. These loans are subject to certain conditions some including grades.

Research opportunities

Eligible professionals with excellence in academics are given opportunities by the Government to further their research. The choice of these professionals are based on merit and excellence in academics

Ease of getting a visa

Applying for a visa here is simple and the process does not take long compared to other counties. Visa can be applied in person, or can be applied online.

Better Job market

Australia has a strong economy. The unemployment rate here is low. This means that there is a high rate of employment in various fields be it engineering, aeronautical, agricultural or medical. According to a recent survey, about 73% graduates found a full time job within the first three months of their graduation

Official Language is English

Since English is the official language of Australia, it is easy to understand and be understood.

Multicultural Society

Among a population of about 23 million, immigrants account for 26% of the population. The majority of the immigrants are from India, UK, China, Italy and Vietnam. Hence Australia has a diverse multicultural society. People here are encouraged to keep their different languages, religions and ways of life.

Picturesque Landscapes

Australia is a beautiful continent with many picturesque landscapes. Many places in the continent are included in the UNESCO's World Heritage List. A travel to these places, is sure to calm your senses and blow your mind off.


Since Australia is a multicultural diverse society, the cuisine here is also multicultural and very diverse. As a matter of fact Australian chefs are known around the world for their different fusion Cuisines.
So Dream, Explore and Discover a whole World in a single country.

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