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Published: 2021-09-27 21:05:03
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English Personal Statement "That is part of the beauty of all literature. You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you're not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong. " F. Scott Fitzgerald. I suppose that's why people love literature so much, it gives you the chance to explore realms of mind, body and spirit and observe life in an entirely different way. Modern Literature has always been of utmost interest to me alongside certain appreciations for the texts written within the Elizabethan period.
I admire the ay that modern issues are portrayed through characters, allowing me to observe human nature, in a new analytical light. Ultimately my goal in life is to become an English teacher so that I can pass on knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject. Returning to do a seventh year has provided me with a chance to expand on my current qualifications and enhance my understanding of literature through Philosophy and my Advanced Higher English course. A firm grasp of historic events from my previous History course has assisted me in my English course as it is entrally focused on independent study.
Researching the background of authors and the period that which they were in, has helped me distinguish my analysis of the literature alongside preparing me for the academic world of university. One of my first duties within school is that of the role of prefect. I have done this duty for two years now and it involves maintaining order within the corridors. I have also been appointed an Independent Studies Supervisor. This requires me to take a leadership role and motivate others to complete their work while assisting them in areas that I ave studied.

It is a very rewarding experience to be able to teach students in some aspects; hence I am within my complete element in this situation. In my spare time I enjoy writing poems or stories reflecting my outlook on life, or even my observation of others endeavours. From a personal point of view this allows me to expand on themes that have real meaning to me and understand why others apply those themes within novels, plays and poems. Concurrently writing about others allows me to see the development of real life characters, break down their actions and analyse he thoughts that they are feeling and empathise with them.
Furthermore for the last eight years I have been in this group known as Musical Youth. We put on productions of popular well known shows. However for the last two years I have progressed to the adult group known as Encore. This involves writing our own plays contemporary, Victorian or otherwise; again allowing me to expand upon the mentality of characters and well thought themes. In my English course this has helped me understand the real root of what each writer is trying to say. Because of this I would certainly Join ocieties such as drama and even sports such as rugby.
Between all the drama, I like to spend a little time and give back to the community. I head to the Day Care Centre each week and help the elderly while keeping them company. Some of the stories they have to tell are magnificent, and has given me insight to a basis of real live events in the past, which I apply currently in my English course. Now as a teenager I naturally need money, so to subsidise this I work as a part time Sales Assistant at Game, where you meet a variety of people with different cultures every day

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