Physics Unit Notes

Published: 2021-09-27 14:25:03
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Single disturbance is called a pulse A series of pulses is called a wave In the case of the impatient student, his disturbance was parallel to the direction of the wave itself. Also called a Longitudinal Wave WAVES Waves can transmit two things O Can transmit energy 0 Ex. Light waves from the sun heat the earth O Can transmit information 0 Ex. Radio wave When the motion of the particles is perpendicular to the motion of the wave, it is called a traverse wave Pointing down Acceleration down
Wave We see the motion of the medium Soundwaves air Lightwaves = electromagnetic waves Stadium waves people Water waves -> water Light waves no medium Pointing up Acceleration up Without tension, there can be no traverse waves in a medium. -> Do not occur inside liquids and gases can occur on surface of water though Inner core of earth has a liquid core, because traverse waves do not got through Earthquakes can produce traverse, longitudinal, or a combination of the two. ongitudinal = compression, travel fast, primary (happen first) traverse = aves", secondary (happen second) -> longer delay between S and P waves, means greater distance from the epicenter B) C) D) Crest Trough Amplitude Wavelenght Cycle one complete wavelength Amplitude half the distance from crest and trough Wavelength -> distance of one complete cycle (Sl units = meters) Period (T) time for one wavelength to pass (Sl Units = seconds) Frequency (f) number of cycles that pass by per time interval = Cycles per second = 1 Hertz (Hz) and Ex. f=2 Hz = T=. 5 seconds Swing?
Applied force at a regular interval, causes you to go higher, high amplitude All object will vibrate of oscillate at a certain frequency called the natural frequency A pendulum (or swing) will swing back and forth at a natural frequency that depends only on it's lenght When a system is driven at it's natural frequency (forces applied in rhythm with the natural frequency), Physics Unit 4 Page 1 The shorter the stick, the higher the Natural frequency. natural frequency), the oscillations will get bigger. This s termed resonance. If two things have the same natural frequency, And you hit one, the second will also begin to vibrate Energy Transfer

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