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Published: 2021-09-27 13:55:04
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Prioress Tale and Christian Anti-Semitic In the story "Prioress Tale" by Geoffrey Chaucer had some ways where it was anti- semitic. The Catholic Church had a hatred of Jews. Jews did not believe Jesus was their savior. Christians hated and blamed Jews for the death of Jesus calling them Satan's agents. "The boy is "little", "young", "tender" etc. The Villains are "cursed", "a wasp's nest of satan" who "conspire" to murder the little boy' (3).
The school where the young boy had gone to was described as a good kid taught young children how o pray and praise Mary the mother of Jesus. "O mother maid, O maiden mother free! O bush unburnt, burning in Moses' sight, that ravishedest down from the deity.... Conceiv©d was the Father's Sapience" (7). The Jews were killed as a penalty for the death of a young boy with no proof that they were the ones involved in this crime. "The Prioress Tale" and "Christian anti-Semitism" both show how far a person will go to torment others to invent to be an activist of god.
Christians had set up heir own policy in the name of god but there was no similarity to Jesus because Jesus represents of love and forgiveness. During the middle ages the tale reflects anti-Semitic in different ways. The Christians had blamed the Jews responsible for Jesus death. The church had discussions about how the Christians should not affiliate themselves with any Jewish people. Jews were not allowed to do a lot of things such as were not allowed to buy any property from the Christians. Jews were accused of a lot of things but they wasn't even involved with.

For this reason Jews were burnt alive. One of the reasons Jews were blamed for doing malicious things because they planned for the death of Christ. Another reason why they were blamed for doing malicious things was when Jews had claimed the blood of Jesus for them and their children. The medieval anti- Semitism had trust in the Jewish faith that they were in lower place to Christianity and they had an alliance with Satan. Jews were also cursed and would remain curse even if they had converted themselves to Christianity.

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