Process Excellence in Johnson and Johnson

Published: 2021-10-01 14:10:06
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                                                           Johnson and Johnson
            In presenting a plan for a Process Enterprise built on Process Excellence, Johnson and Johnson have offered a comprehensive approach which can be described as covering both the macro and micro aspects of process enterprises. The comprehensive approach presented by Johnson and Johnson is so thorough, in fact, that extracting a well-defined and handily expressed "lesson" or "target" of the plan might prove very difficult. Of course, the target of the plan is to create a sweeping, though still highly targeted, attempt at gathering a large and sustainable market share in the Philippines (and elsewhere) while maintaining a high level of quality control and employee-management relations.
            Among other key elements of the comprehensive strategy, is the idea that process excellence is desirable from a purely business standpoint. In other words, building process enterprises through process excellence is profitable. The reason this is true is because, as is shown by the related graphs and data in the Johnson and Johnson slide presentation, each aspect of business from the organization to the consumer is dependant upon process excellence. What process excellence means is to bring a highly analytical approach to creating and sustaining organizations, as well as applying this same high level of analytical reasoning to organizational growth, with everything built on basic, fundamental principles.

            In order to integrate the benefits of process excellence, organizations must submit to the review of a Process Excellence Leadership Team (PELT) which identifies the fundamental areas where improvement and refinement can produce immediate benefits. The creation of a PELT also creates an opportunity for leadership to play an active role in all aspects of  organizational refinement from the ground floor up. The process excellence program is complex, challenging, comprehensive and requires the enthusiastic and informed participation of those directly responsible in leadership roles.
            The core impact of Johnson and Johnson's process excellence philosophy is expressed in the text commentary: "Process Excellence Process Excellence is the Johnson & Johnson “brand” for quality management. It is our way of looking at the business from the perspective of both the internal and external customers of our business. When we look at our business through their eyes, we are looking at the processes that deliver the products and services to them" (Johnson and Johnson, 30) and this approach is carried out to the finest detail in all aspects of business management and applied business strategies.
            It seemed obvious in reviewing the presentation materials, slides and text, that even those who are well-versed in process excellence and the associated techniques remained aware that the complexities and wide-ranging application of the ideas presented not only a challenge of intellectual training, but a challenge to morale as well. By submitting any organization to the sweeping and perhaps radically redefining aspects of process excellence, the potential for a sustained period of reconfiguration and comprehensive reform and change are increased.
            Any organization facing the rigorous "grading" and subsequent reform under the philosophy of process excellence as described in the Johnson and Johnson presentation should be prepared for both immediate adn long-lasting challenges as well as immediate and long-lasting benefits. If there is any obvious flaw in the system as it is presented, it is that it may be prove too complex and demanding for some organizations, even highly motivated, and highly professional organizations to follow through on with the energy adn enthusiasm necessary to make process excellence highly successful.

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