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Published: 2021-09-29 09:55:03
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Different companies, teams and situations need different kinds of leader and leadership qualities. However those leaders always possess some basic qualities which I appreciate such as: communication, trustworthy, confidence, enthusiasm, stability, thoughtfulness and be a model. Communication is the key to become a good leader. He/She should stay close with the team and care for them in only their work but also their privation if possible.
People always want to be cared, especially by their leader/boss. By communicating, the leader can find out others’ potential so that the assignment leads to effect results. Making time to listen, to meet, to celebrate with the team can develop the team spirit which is very important in teamworking. Creating trust in the team is very important for leaders. But at first the leader have to believe on his team that they will accomplish their assignments with the best results.
Treating fairly also helps to inspire loyalty much. As a consequence, the leader will be well supportive Great leaders are enthusiatic people. They are always ready to roll up their sleeves and get dirty. Only by keeping their passion that they can deal with such a lot of work. Also, dedicated leaders can give their team inspiration and encourage them at work. Ability to keep a cool head is one of leaders’ qualities. When storms, emotions, crises,… come and go, the team can only rely on their leader.

Staying calm, finding out the reason and solution of such things, supporting the team are those things that a leader shound do. Another important quality is confidence. Leaders must be confident of their words, behaviour and making decision/judgement. Be sure of theirselves is the key to success and leaders are good examples of that. Finally, diligence is very necessary. A good leader should never forget to strengthen these qualities mentioned. Keeping up-to-date will help them to stand still in their leardership role.

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