Quantitative Marketing and Economics

Published: 2021-10-02 02:50:06
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Therefore, "Doggie Read and Do" will be endorsed to its target market with the use of directs marketing. It will not cost too much from the company and it will take lesser time unlike other advertisement. Through the use of direct marketing, "Doggie Read and Do" is expected to reach the target market on the proper time and easily gain appropriate market share. Messages Since most of the people today are technologically acquainted, the company will take advantage the convenience of using internet to endorse the product.
Through internet, the proposals and other important information that the customers need to know will be send to their email addresses. The company will make an specific website for "Doggie Read and Do" where the consumers could get all the information about the product. The picture of the product, demonstration on how to use it, messages box for inquiries, and testimonials of other consumers who already bought the product will be seen on the website of "Doggie Read and Do".
The company will collect the email addresses of the prospective clients and send the proposals randomly because email may also get the attention of the consumers. Aside from that, the company may also endorse the product on the popular and most visited websites. Strategy to Measure the Effectiveness of the Campaign The use of internet in endorsing a product to its target market has been a success for many companies and other manufacturing companies who have been confused on where should they advertise their products (Lee & Mills, 2005).

Online campaign affects the perception of the consumers toward a certain product (Gong & Maddox, 2003). Measuring the effectiveness of the campaign could be very hard; however marketing has already made a new approach to measure if the communication channel is effective or needs improvement. It is a system and method of analyzing an online campaign. In order to measure the effectiveness of campaign through internet, it should be based on the number of collected page views through search engine page rankings.
This approach needs to measure the effectiveness of online campaign to the consumers (Terui & Ban, 2008). Conclusion Introduction of new product in the market can have a very complicated process for the marketers, however proper marketing mix would lengthen its life cycle. Technological advances can also open a new door to advertise a product like "Doggie Read and Do".
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