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Published: 2021-09-28 04:20:03
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'Competition destroys the fun and enjoyment of activities like dance. ' Drawing on events in the film, write an essay arguing for or against this statement. ' Competitive dancing is a popular activity that involves competitors performing dance routines in various styles before a panel of Judges. Dancing in a competitive program can enhance natural ability, self-esteem and confidence.
However, the film Raze Dazzle shows that there are the downsides of competitive dancing which can include extracting yourself from everyday activities and a social life, feeling strained, reassured and nervous which can cause a build-up of anxiety that could potentially affect a performance as well as ruin friendships and/or relationships. Competitiveness can change the nature off person's personality.
In the film Raze Dazzle, Tinsel's mother Justine is an overly competitive stage mother who pushes her daughter hard in order to make her famous by assisting her performance related needs and requirement as well as obnoxiously demanding special treatment for her daughter and placing unnecessary and inappropriate pressure on her. The use of Tinsel's archival footage shows the audience a perspective of a past and makes it Lear that Justine is eager for her daughter to be a star.

When the new student, Grace, comes with the possibility of stealing some of Tinsel's spotlight, Justine breaks down from the pressure and has to be consoled by Tensile. Tensile eventually has enough of Justice's pressure and collapses from exhaustion. Placing too much pressure on a child can make them dislike the activity. Miss Elizabeth is a perfectionist and strict dance teacher who is brutally critical on her students' errors and flaws, removing those whom she labels as "fat, lazy and untalented". We learn hat her mother was also a dance teacher who later on got married and the business's name was later on changed to 'Mrs..
Elizabeth' and went somewhat downhill. As Miss Elizabeth is committed to her career, she literally has no life and refuses to get married like her mother. During a scene where she is discussing her success, the symbolic placement of her trophies in the foreground represents her love for her Job as a dance teacher she claims she is married to it. A announcement is a type of film in which dramatic techniques are combined with documentary elements to present fictional events in a documentary style. Satire is used in the film to represent and mock the inside world of competitive dancing.
Mr.. Jonathans choreography comes off us Weird' to others and they contain political messages, but his Gazetteers eventually get first prize. Barbara didn't need to capture a boy from the orphanage and Justice's pressure on Tensile was unnecessary. The satirical nature of the film is trying to show us that we need to value our creativity and be true to ourselves. In conclusion, competition destroys the fun and enjoyment of activities like dance as the pressure and competitive attitudes has a negative outcome.
A competitive attitude can help you feel good and ready to be able to take on challenging tasks and ready to achieve many things in life. However, competitive behavior can change the nature of a person. Rather than being there to have a good time as well as showcase their talent and creativity, competitiveness can change their focus to only being there to defeat others and associating people around them. Unsuccessful and falling short of winning, dancers can be left feeling like their efforts and skills aren't good enough therefore feeling even more pressured to be the best.

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