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Published: 2021-10-01 19:15:06
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Pneumoencephalographic and skull X-rays are. How and why this was done, how long it takes to recover from this. And what the side effects are of having this done. Pneumoencephdlography was d technique developed In 1919 tort taking Images of the brain, which floats In a sea to fluid. That fluid protects the brain from damage, but makes it very difficult to X-ray, since images taken through fluid are cloudy.
Pneumonia lexicography Involved drilling holes Into the skulls of research subjects, draining the fluid surrounding their brains, and pumping air or Ilium into the skull in place of the fluid to allow crisp X-rays of the brain through the skull. The side effects-?crippling headaches, dizziness, seizures, vomiting-?lasted until the body naturally refilled the skull with spinal fluid, which usually took two to three months. Because pneumoencephalography could cause permanent brain damage and paralysis, it was abandoned in the asses (201).
Chapter 34 1 In the asses, if someone were diagnosed with idiocy, what might be the diagnosis today? What is the dictionary definition of idiocy? What were two reasons as to why Elsie might have been diagnosed with Idiocy? What might that be a generic word for? Based on the types of experiments done on and the vocabulary used to describe people with "Idiocy, would you say people were sensitive, understand and/or helpful to people with these conditions? Mental Illness- Psycho. Utterly senseless or foolish (dictionary. Com). They used it to refer to mental retardation. Also, to the brain damage that accompanies her hereditary syphilis. It might be a generic word for retardation. Would say that people were Insensitive and non helpful either. Chapter 35 1 Why was Deborah so upset? What burden did she have and what was she constantly thinking and worrying about? Did Rebecca feel bad about her being upset? Who did Gary want to carry the burden and did this make Deborah feel better?

She was upset because her mom had been mistreated. She was constantly worrying about her mother's cells and how were whole situation was mistreated. He wanted God to carry It and she liked that Idea a lot. Chapter 36 1 What explanation would Gary give as to why the cells were immortal? What would ' Off be the explanation you would near trot Rebecca? He said that Henrietta was chosen to be an angel and be reborn into new cells. That the environment and her DNA caused it, as well as anything else scientifically correct.

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