Reflective Story

Published: 2021-09-28 06:00:04
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Category: Philosophy, Theology

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At first, I did not expect that I would regret not being emotionally and spiritually prepared. I was really overwhelmed with the different things I experienced. Not only did I get to experience dorm life with my fellow classmates, got to sleep at dawn and bond with other people, I got closer with God. How you ask? I finally felt someone's presence. Not like when there is someone with you or a so-called ghost appears, I felt a powerful presence. I felt accompanied. I never felt alone. That presence was masked by friends, great advice and strong faith.
And to think I was very, very busy on what clothes to wear, toiletries to bring and everything else required. Also, I never thought that I would release all my negativity during session time. Somehow, It made me feel whole. I felt complete. I felt happy. I felt that God was beside me throughout everything. He blessed us all with trust for one another. I was mostly moved with Sir Regis's difficult encounters in life. It made me realize that the greatest happiness I was blessed with was people who would love and accept me for who I am.
Just by Ewing surrounded by them is the only blessing that, I bet, would be the best thing you would ask for. I am not saying that you should take advantage of their presence but you should savoir and appreciate their love and care for you. This recollection gave me more on the Inside scoop of reality and the different hardships you will encounter as you face it twists and turns. This also made me realize that I should be thankful for my days to come. I was taught to fall silent and listen. Life is exciting and thanks to this experience, I came to appreciate life's meaning and hungry to unravel some of Its secrets.

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