Rise of the Planet of the Apes Film Analysis

Published: 2021-09-27 10:35:03
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One day, when he saw the father of the scientist having a fight with their neighbor, he attacked the neighbor ND was put in a prison for apes by the animal control. In the prison for apes, he witnessed the reality of the cruelty done to apes by humans causing him to make an army of intelligent apes he infected with the same virus that caused his intelligence and had an uprising to free the apes and himself in the redwoods forest. Based on the movie, the genetic breakthrough that happened were the drugs ALLS 112 and ALLS 1 13 that were labeled as the cure to the Alleghenies disease.
These drugs contained a virus that lead organisms with strong immune systems to have heightened intelligence, full cognitive recovery, increased memory quality, and faster reparation of brain cells, although harmful to those with weak immune systems. In my own opinion, the evolutionary manipulation of man or any specie presented in the movie through the maneuvering of the brain cells and other parts of the brain of the ape the scientist performed seemed a bit unethical because this manipulation could lead to controlling the way of thinking and the actions of man or any other species.
Genetics is related to the film because the story revolved around an ape that was infected with a man-made virus that focused on monitoring the variations in an organism through altering the way the brain cells work, thus also altering the different qualities and actions of the organism infected. Through the movie and the discussion, I realized that variations are significant because these are the distinctive qualities organisms have from other organisms. They are the unique traits present in everything and everyone that are used as a means of differentiating one thing from another.

Variations could also be used to determine viruses and diseases present in organisms, like the green eyes the infected apes had in the movie due to the iris they had. Without variations, evolution wouldn't happen and everything and everyone would look alike and be the same. The movie "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" was mainly about an extremely intelligent ape leading an uprising Of apes he infected with the same virus a scientist made with the purpose of finding a cure for the Alchemist's disease that caused his intelligence, to lead the apes into freedom in the forests.
Even though, in my own opinion, the evolutionary manipulation of man or any other species seemed unethical and a bit immoral, the subject of Genetics as prevalent in the movie through the genetic breakthroughs that happened in viruses that caused the quick reparation and improvement in the overall brain function of organisms with immune systems strong enough to withstand it.
Through the movie, I realized the significance of variations in Genetics. Variations are significant because they are a means of differentiation between organisms, determining viruses and diseases present in an organism, they allow every organism to be unique in different aspects, and they play an important role in universal evolution.

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