Steinbeck presents Crooks

Published: 2021-09-28 00:50:03
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Steinbeck presents Crooks as practical and intelligent. This is shown in chapter in the passage "rubber boots" "alarm clock" and the "California Civil Code" book. The books show he reads and cares about his Rights. It also shows that he is practical and active with his alarm clock. It can alternatively mean that he has to be Intelligent to protect himself from getting beaten by the boss If he is late to which he needs to be protecting himself from horse manure.
Also with the Californian civil code to be mauled" suggests he attacked the book with anger which could show a bitter hatred the way that people like him are treated Ilke outsiders causes him to lament his loneliness even in his home state. Steinbeck also presents Crooks as permanent and doesnt move around with evidence supporting this Is, "battered magazines and a few dirty books on a special shelf over his bunk. It show how he gets beaten down by loneliness and prejudicial treatment of that he Is the only black man on the ranch. The word "special shelf" suggests the organisation In his home showing that he Ilkes o be stationary and kept whereas it could also mean he has to stay there by the boss and also live alone rather than mixing with white people so Crooks has to live alone and makes full use of living in the barn.
B) His character shows us how coloured people were treated in the 1930's. It tells us that they were treated as second-class citizens and weren't worthy to share anything with non-coloured people, we know this due to Crook's having "his bunk in the harness room", I think that it is because his boss doesn't think it's right for Crook's to share a bunkhouse with the other men n the ranch, so Crook's is forced to sleep in the barn.

Shows how everyone targeted him as inferior because of the colour of the skin. The separation of his bunk implies that because of his skin colour no one wants to sleep in the same room as him as they think that Crooks isnt worthy of living with them and so they show their racial hatred towards him by their abuse in calling him a "Nigger". Due to this, Crooks could turn to books for company which are the only thing that does not consider him as an outcast.

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