Surprising Traits That Make Millennials Excellent Employees

Published: 2021-10-02 08:10:08
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In recent times, the focus and growth in our working world have shifted more towards millennials. This we expected as the years past, and Gen Xers have reached retirement age and exited the job market. This change caused many employers to explore what makes this set of workers tick and how best to challenge them so that their businesses can continue to be successful. With the constant changes within the technological sphere as well as a world filled with escalating socio-political catastrophes; business owners are more motivated than ever.
So how does one go about understanding millennials; well, continue reading this article as we share several surprising traits that make millennials excellent employees.

1.     Inquisitiveness
There has never been a generation that is so eager to learn new things. They consume and digest new information, new technology and new ways of doing things at an exponential rate. Because we live in a time of constant change, especially with technology; they have been forced to be adaptable. If you are a business owner, it makes sense that you invest in career development programs that will expand the skill-set of your workforce. This particular generation is not interested in spending the next 20 to 30 years in one job position, being miserable for the rest of their lives.
2.     Distinctiveness
Yes we know that everyone is different. That we are unique and somehow will make an important and distinguishable contribution to any company; well, millennials hold fast to this belief. The older folks might actually think this a bit unrealistic. They believe that the school system has totally ruined the millennial generation, with their ‘participation trophy’ philosophy and the ideology of making everyone feel special. Regardless of that, companies have a lot to benefit, by understanding this philosophy and exploiting it for the betterment of their organization's bottom line.
3.     Social Consciousness
More and more people of this generation are thinking about and actively participating in initiatives that allow them to ‘pay it forward’ or ‘give back’ to their communities. These taglines are featured prominently in advertisements or as social media hangtags. It is a great way for a company to improve their corporate image and by extension fulfill the intrinsic motivational factors within their employees.
4.     Stable Income
Having gone through an economic recession and heard the echoes of the ‘Great Depression,’ millennials are big on having a stable income. Not to mention, the eight-ton gorilla in most rooms, student loan debt. Being fiscally independent is of great importance to them. It is not necessarily about being the richest man on the planet; however, it is more about being able to have enough so that if there are any global financial meltdowns in the future, they are prepared. It is ideal for these millennial employees to go with a company that offers 401k and assistance with school fees, rather than work for a company that offers none of these benefits.
5.     Modernization
There has never been a generation before them that is so intrigued with working with technology and incorporating this into their daily task. They appreciate the idea that technology and innovation make their work easier. Millennials are usually those people, who were born in the 80s and 90s. They were around not at the genesis of technology but at the age of its explosion. This group of employees uses social media countless times for the day. They understand the use, purpose, and possibilities of being a truly global community, where one can reach out and touch anyone across the globe.
These traits are certainly of great benefit to any employer. With mega companies like Amazon, Tesla and Apple reaching across the great divide to dominate the world market, businesses have to analyze and use the strategies that brought these businesses mega success. No more are we living in a world with just one business at the top of the pyramid for an extensive period of time. Successful global businesses rise and set with the sun.

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