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Published: 2021-10-02 09:55:05
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The visibility of a product or service is enabled using the internet technologies and primarily the websites. The design and look and feel are the prime aspects which make sure that all the various objectives are accomplished to a large length. The focussed features of a website make sure that all the aims are quite distinguishable for making an impact. Web 2. 0 and its technologies have made sure that enough interactivity is possible and would continue to lure the users for the centuries to come. It has revolutionized the way people communicate and interact.
It is an excellent process to highlight the various aspects of interactive communication where one is able to personalize their requirements. The usability criteria for the website are judged well by the EYIMS framework and would make sure that all the various micro details are observed and analyzed in greater length. The maximum exposure of the usability criteria’s like that of being customer centric, following an E-marketing strategy and design of international adaptability would make sure that almost all the usability characteristics are met for making the site a global nest and communicative in nature.
The quantitative analysis of the user experiences (through the use of EYIMS) are worth noting to analyze further the responses according to the criteria set in the EYIMS framework. The evaluation of the website according to the EYIMS criteria makes sure that all the customer experiences relating to site objectives, e-communications strategy, website information organization and detail are rated for future judgment. One is able to figure out the essential aspects that are required for the site and this analysis would prove enough fruitful for any website.

The section “content value and frequency of updates” depicts to a very good method to upgrade the freshness factor of the website. Periodic updates would make sure that the site is not back dated and assures good and updated information on various products and services for the business. The analysis in this section is most importance as it speaks that the business is moving towards with innovations and future predictions. Visual impact, content management systems and e-communications support are some of the essential areas of a website and accounts for maximum exposure.
The analysis of this sections demand greater attention and focus to target customers to their website and to the appropriate sections. The e-marketing strategy demands enough market survey and competitor survey to plan and organize the various search engine criteria and to optimize their websites for getting listed in Top 10 search listings in the search engines. The identification of the keywords that are searched at the maximum must be capitalized for the website so that one is able to fetch the right volume and content to a website.
Effective SEO and other web marketing techniques would facilitate the spreading of the good word of the company or the website over the internet. The right perspective towards competition, right demand to knowledge and support must be done for fetching the right section of customers for making an impact. The final sections denotes the e-communications strategy and web marketing methods which seems to be an essential step in venturing to the internet and spreading the global word of the website and the business.
The support and online assistance provided would go a long way in making the website well communicative in nature and encourage customer communications. Recommendations The EYIMS criteria is suitable, however there are better criteria’s for fetching the right design principal for obtaining the right customer and business. Following are some of the recommended techniques that can be used for evaluating the website and shaping a better e-marketing strategy. The following are a set of recommendations for making the website more customizable and usable: Visibility of system status:
The website must keep users informed of their location on the site through the use of page titles and breadcrumbs. Feedback is efficient if an error is made by a user and popular alternatives are provided. If a website is large and often may provide links within the site, such things would make the user or the visitor to know their position in the website at all time so that they are provided with enough credentials to move to any section of the website rather than starting all over. The right to information must be time saving and the use of breadcrumbs is an only way to make it possible.

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