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Published: 2021-10-02 10:10:06
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Following the latest analytical conclusions the world market of electronic document management systems grows approximately for 20% yearly. DB2 Content Manager, Documentum, Hummingbird, Pen Text and FileNet became the leaders in DMS race. During the recent years the world DMS market can be characterized by the high level of consolidation of suppliers. As an example the deals such as IBM + FileNet, Open Text + Hummingbird, Oracle+ Stellent can be referenced. The DMS market is stuffed quite nicely, although the demand for content analysis is still increasing.
Russian market, which is to be the next after Ukrainian market allocation is steady growing thru growing the number of companies referred to DMS sphere. Ukraine occupies the 70th position in the world in the terms of information technology with 12 % of internet penetration throughout the country. These digits say a lot about the existing potential and the ability to grow. However the Ukrainian market of electronic document management systems still remains quite closed and neglected due to information access, the planning alliance with local partner company builds the bright perspectives of growing and expanding.
All variety of governmental and business enterprises, which have to deal with a huge load of paperwork on daily basis are likely to become on the clients’ list of DocNet system users. Almost 80% of Ukrainian enterprises need to obtain the document management system to bring the document processing ordeal and efficient. Percentage of successful implementations of DMS solutions in commercial and governmental spheres can be calculated as 70% to 30%.

Price and its formation is one of the most important aspects of any business plan set up. Due to importance of price strategy for growing in sales on Ukrainian market, there is a necessity to use a cost based model for price formation, because its flexibility in setting the margin and adding the components, which influent the price respectfully. The price formula for DocNet solution implementation should include the cost of consultancy, development, testing, management, implementation and promotion costs.
As there is a good economic reason (cheap cost of working hour in Ukraine) to use the internal resources of Softline Company for all the operations mentioned above, the initial cost will be based on per hour payment for every type of activity performed by Softline Company employees, plus 30% of margin on delivered product. This method allows calculating accurately the price per working place without price on equipment, which is to be on the separate price list. DocNet User License Product One work-place cost ($.
, without taxes) 10-100 100-200 More than 200 DocNet 250 225 200 General License Name Installation quantity $ cost, without taxes General license (Standard) 1 60 000 General license (Enterprise) 30 and more 300 000 As Softline customers named above are mainly focused in governmental sphere, thus to grow from 30% up to 100% the successful Australian DMS company needs to obtain the partner’s help in Soft line’s face. Nowadays 70% of DMS implementations on Ukrainian market are performed by NetCom Technology Company.
It is our main competitor today, thus we are going to offer the hyper functional product, which will obtain the capability to integrate with various program products in order to perform the most successful management of various businesses. World leaders play a great deal on formatting the competition in Ukrainian DMS sphere, thus positioning the DocNet product, there is a necessity to pay big attention to such giants as IBM, Open Text and EMC, however their products are too universal for strict logic of software solution Ukrainian governmental and legal sphere looks for.
The benefits of DocNet system are concluded in legitimate electronic documents processing and digital signature usage possibility, information access from any location through the internet via mobile devices, transparent data processing implementation, online new tasks notification via e-mail or SMS and business processes’ implementation statistics, bottlenecks detection, and optimization.
Positioning DocNet system as highly interactive product, there is a plan to use popular web services and networking platforms broadly in order to save promotional costs and achieve making the steps on new market fast and straight forward. The basic steps are described in Web Presence Scheme shown below.

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