The Burden of a Happy Childhood

Published: 2021-09-29 23:50:04
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In “The Burden of a Happy Childhood” Cantwell described her grandparent’s house, the three-story Victorian house her family lived in during her childhood life. There are so many great things she has experienced, like having a bird as a pet. After a morning dip on the beach, she had a playful moment with her grandfather in his beautiful garden; he washed her feet to remove the sand from her feet. As she grew older, all the images of those special moments still captured in her heart. I agree with Mary Cantwell, I moved from Vietnam when I was twelve years old.
I really had great memories of my childhood I took a long walk to my grandmother's house, bike rides to school, the farm that we lived on. My father cooked vegetables that he grew in the backyard. As Derby Evening, he shared how he liked to listen to his childhood stories, “I enjoy hearing about my childhood memories. ” (Evening). I have the same habits as the Evening. I liked to feel the breeze on my face when my mother fans on me before bedtime. During the moon-soon season, I liked listening to the raindrops and feel the warmth of my mother’s arms around me.
During the New Year, my mother didn’t have money to buy new clothes she cut her gowns and remade the clothes for me. I was so happy because I got new clothes to wear for new years. The special moments I have had from my childhood that I’m so close to my parents and my siblings because of my strong family with the meticulous care from my parents similar to Mary’s article. My parents had sacrificed so much for my family. We will care and love, and protect each other no matter what happens. I agree with Mary Cantwell, she has special places, people and memories in her childhood life those memories will remain in her heart forever.

It’s the most grateful memories that I have had also. It will never wash away from me even the years ahead passing by. I am blessed to have the greatest parents who have done so many great things that make who I am today.
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