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Published: 2021-09-27 16:15:03
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This work will look at the effect of movies in the socceity. According to Wikipedia a " Movies encompasses individual motion pictures ,the field of movie as an art form ,and the motion picture industry. films are produed by recording images from the world with cameras, or by creating images using animation techniques or special effects. Film is considered to be an important art form ,a source of popular entertainment and a powerful method for educating -or indoctrinating -citizens ".
Movies affect the life of a society in a positive and negative way. Over the years ovies have been used by most people as an entertainment tool. Most family considered watching movies at home not only as a time of bonding but to save resources, whereas others go to theater s for fun and relaxation. Also movies in some homes plays an important role in the brighten the mood of family members when they are depressed or sad. Also movies have been used as a tool for educating the society ,for example in the US there are TV shows like NC'S, Law and Order etc. that teaches the society on crime,how they are committed. Movies like Olympus has Fallen brings out the evils of terrorism,how a nation should strengthen it security gainst terrorism. This is educative in the sense that it teaches society on national security. Some movies also educate the society on social Justice. Example Divorce court have been a very good tool for women who have been maltreated by men and also how some people suffer injustice from other people. Movies affect people's beliefs, values and ideals.
For example, the passion of the Christ is movies that strengthen people faith and belief in Christ Jesus. Although some Jews around the world found the film offensive. Movies bring out delicate things that are happening in the life of people in a very artistic way. Evils like child trafficking, child marriage, women being abuse by male is being brought out by the movie industry. Most time government offices and corporation do not want the society to be educated about their wrong doing.......

The implication for such education by the movie industry will help enlighten the public which influence their perception and decision making to determine the political party they will like to elect to government. Some movies have some theme and morale that they convey to the public. They bring awareness to the public about what is going on in the world. There are people who are uneducated- hey can't read or write but with the aide of movie even the layman knows whats going on in the world. Another impact to society is that it brings to life some historical event that is slowly fading away . t brings out the beauty of culture of different civilization of the past. Despite the positive effect of movie industry, there are negative aspects of the movie industry. As mentioned above, movies brings out the evils of terrorism, how a nation should strengthen it security in society. Though it is educative to the society, yet, people tend to imitate most of what is acted on screen his leads to violence in the society. Most love and marriage relationships have been destroyed as a result of the "big screen".
Couples and lovers sometimes forget the fact that what is acted on screen is mostly fantasy; such is not applicable when it comes to real life. There is a issue of horror movies people lose their grip or reality whilst watching this movies and develop mental issues and in some case act out what they see in the movies. A lot ot cult and Fraternity seen in the society are as a result of the horror and fraternity that are being shown on screen. Movies even hough they are a powerful source of education and information they can also act as a form of indoctrinating citizen.
Individual actions are based on what they learn and what they know and as humans learning takes place by seeing and imitation. Following this trend of thought, it safe to infer that as people watch movies they tend to act according by means of learning and practicing. Ponographic movies can some times be useful for some home ,especially home that needs sexual arousement in love making. However ,this has caused most tinagers to invove in sexual relationship at an early age ,that leads to early unwanted pregranany.

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