The Expansion of the NFL Generations

Published: 2021-09-29 21:10:04
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The National Football League (NFL) has changed over time during its existence from 1920. The National Football League's experience is even more exciting today then in past generations. The players today are bigger, faster, and stronger then professional players. Although the same general rules still apply in today's game, but new ones are brought up every year to protect players from injuries. Ever since the league started in 1920, the football equipment for players has improved even better over the years. Also today's football culture is even more exciting for players and fans to enjoy.
For the players today, it is easier to promote themselves and their teams from the Internet and social media. Since the arrival of the NFL, it has improved over the years and the now fans have made it a way in their daily life. The NFL experience improves every year and it is easier for players to promote themselves because of the Internet. Currently, every player joined the NFL because of the Internet. Today, it is easier for players to promote themselves and communicate with coaches or teams because of the Internet.
Coaches and team management are always on the look out for great players. After their talent search, the NFL teams scout online using college statistics for their prospect using the college athletics websites from the players school. The NFL coaches today can even watch college player's highlight films on YouTube, which is a great way to promote players. The older generation coaches had to use word of mouth communications to scout players. Unlike past generations, the communication for players and coaches have involved extremely because of advance technology.

The NFL generation today is better than past generations and is getting outstanding players to join the league because of the Internet. The NFL players today are paid more money because of their experience, talents, and abilities to play the game. The players who usually get paid the most are the franchise players. The franchise players (best players on their team) are treated more valuable and the teams base their game strategies because of talents of those players. While other players are part of a role in the game plan, the franchise players carry most the load to the game plan.
The NFL players today can easily be replaced by other upcoming college standouts. Unlike past generations, the competition is even more difficult to play against today because the players want to stay in the league or not be traded to other teams. The NFL continues to improve year after year because of the great competitors that join the league and the current players that do not want to be replaced. The rules and regulations of the NFL games have changed significantly and the way the game is watched on television. Most of the rules that changed were for health and injury risk issues because of the full contact sport.
For instance, the most recent rule that changed was the head-to-head contact tackle. The head-to-head contact tackle is the incorrect way to tackle, but sometimes other players just want to injury other players for their own reasons. This highlight tackle has been banned due to injuries like brain damage, neck injuries, and concussions. If players attempted to do this tackle they will be fined or suspend for an certain amount of games. Just like any other violation tackle, the head-to-head contact tackle is absorbed in the NFL very closely.
While, football equipment has improved over the years for safety issues. There are lighter safety pads that protect your bones with more comfort to your body when absorbed contact. The NFL is always improving the football equipment and trying to avoid past life-threatening injuries such as concussions. Others new rules were also created to improve how the game is played and will protect the football players even better today. The games on television have better picture and a greater experience to watch the game. Unlike in the past, there is a huge difference how the picture has improved even more.
The NFL games today have more camera angles and closer experience to watch the game. Just imaging and compared how older generations watched the games on black and white televisions? Also, the NFL games are now watched in high definition. There are also now NFL games that can be watched in 3-Dimensional. Unlike basic cable games, the 3-D games change the television experience, they make you feel like you are playing or coaching in the game. The way the game is played and watched on television in today's generation, is extremely better than past generations.
Also the American football culture is expanding and growing over the years of existence. During the fall season, fans know Sundays are for NFL football games and church. NFL fans exist through out America; there can be New York fans that live in California or other areas. The fans are expanding everyday and the football culture is now a way of people's life. For example, NFL fans treat Super Bowl Sunday as a holiday than a regular championship football game. Everybody watches the Super Bowl for the game, halftime show, and commercials. NFL fans have parties and invite friends over to watch the big game at their house.
Even commercials during the Super Bowl are always talked about because everybody watches the Super Bowl. Although, companies pay millions of dollars for thirty seconds for their commercials to be played during the Super Bowl because they can attract new customers. Even stores get involved to promote Super Bowl Sunday; like having sales on food and televisions. However, the Thanksgiving Thursday Night Football Game is also part of the American football culture. While enjoying time with family on a real holiday, the NFL has a game on Thanksgiving Day.
This game always promotes the Super Bowl game because they know fans and their families are watching the game. The football culture has grown bigger through every generation. Everybody knows when it's time for Super Bowl Sunday. The NFL experience has improved over the years and players have been improving each year. My favorite player of all time in the NFL is Ray Lewis, he plays defensive linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens. Ray Lewis is a franchise player for the Baltimore Ravens and is entering his sixteenth year in the NFL because of his effort to be the best he can be.
While, I play the same position as Ray Lewis and I try to put in the same effort he does to become a great player. Although I am trying to pursue an NFL career and become a legend just like Ray Lewis it takes hard work and dedication to become the best you can be. My favorite motivation quote from Ray Lewis is "You might be bigger, faster, stronger, and better than me, but you are not going to outwork me, because I won't let you". Unlike other players, Ray Lewis is great role model to play the game and he continues to play the game with his heart instead of greed.
The National Football League has changed significantly in every generation. The players are more skilled, paid more money, and rules have changed due to past injuries. The players today are bigger, faster, and stronger than past players because of the improvements in the games. Even the technology of watching the game on televisions has improved significantly for fans to enjoy. Today, the NFL culture has grown on every American life including mine. The National Football League will keep changing generation after generation, but the love of the game will continue to grow.

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