The Korean War

Published: 2021-09-29 17:05:04
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Korea, recovering from the Korean war and getting rid of the Japanese colonization since the mid-20th, welcome its social upheaval. This tumultuous change not only is presented in social life but also related to the perspectives and values of the public. For instance, women have wakened up to seek their status in this society and rights to pursue their ideal lives; as the time goes by, the culture-encounter has become a normalcy. On top of that, nothing could better than the film industry to reflect the realistic Korean society in this era via an artistic method.
The revolution of the filmmaking also brings an underlying information about the postwar Korea. " Madame Freedom" is a film which resonates with the majorities of women and brings a profound meaning ever since it was released. Besides, the novel arrangement of plots also broaden the eyes of the public and it is worthwhile to refer to.
Madame Freedom was released in 1956, it fixated on the life of a woman who married to a university professor. Unlike the heroine in the previous Korean cinema, the main character —Son-Yong is a housewife who has a desire for pursuing her life. Not surprisingly, she has an affair with her boss and meets her neighbor secretly.

Not to mention heroin, each female character in this film has their unusual lives. Such as office lady admires her teacher, up-middle class women pursue financial independence and modern girl dating with a foreigner to study English. These various female are epitomes of Korean in mid-20th.
As we know, the surrender of Japan represents the ending of the Japanese colonization. However, Korea was controlled by the other power after coming of American one month later. From 1948 until 1992, Korea was in a political chaos and the first republic happened from 1948 to 1960. Under the power of the Lee Sung Man, civil war seems inevitable then. After the Korean War, South Korea kept accepting the financial support from the U.S while there was no conspicuous progress.
However, with the contact with the Western world increasing, filmmaking got the underlying influence from the western half-formulated genre of movie and the contentious film "Madame Freedom" came out. According to the papers of several scholars, the reason why this movie could be one-of-kind is not only its innovational arrangement of plots but also the metaphor of each scenario. All in all, it is the historical background entrusting the elusive meaning to this movie.

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