The most targeted populace in marketing

Published: 2021-10-02 13:55:05
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The teenagers are the most targeted populace in marketing partly because of the fact that they are easy to reach, make the most part of population and endowed with finances. The companies like Nike; one of the leading designers of teen-wear, has used this opportunity to make product which are of high value to the youths’ esteem and social needs. They design sportswear, footwear and also other fashionable and stylistic clothing both for males and females. To start with I will focus on the color-scheme use on the site.
Red dominates this site giving it a tinge of liveliness and vigor more particularly with the embedded color of one of the best footballer. This especially captures the attention of the teen browsing. The background is colored green which symbolizes growth, freshness, fertility and harmony. These are virtues often desired by most teens. The imagery used in this website is quite captivating. The homepage has a picture of a soccer player in tight fitting top wear which displays his muscular body.
This image is used primarily to capture the attention of unwilling admirers like fellow male teens or women who will always desire the body shape. The video in the homepage is an unbeatably entertaining soccer game in which one of the most favorite teams- Manchester United is playing. The analysis of the links show that they all connect the visitor to a more specific page for instance, the link NikeFootball would take soccer fanatics to page of more soccer content but of course with lots of Nike adverts.

In this case, the advertisement makes use of the persons’ likes to get more access to their minds. The sight of the players in Nike wear might, to some extent, lead to m ore sales of the products since the fans would buy the clothes to emulate their most favorite players or at least look like them. Among other links in this site include Nike Women which focuses on models in Nike wear, Nike Basketball with all the stuff about basketball. The most elegant of all is the ultimate link- Nike store which allows one to shop online this directly and instantly improves the volume of sales.
Lastly, is the link Nike+ which allows one to create and also join groups in the Nike webpage. Teens always want to participate. Young adults like social media since it offers them immediate feedback. They would help to enroll teens to handle social media like adding blogs to websites as shown in Nike. com. According to Fowles, “unfulfilled impulses and motives whirling in the bottom half of our minds” (1998). By this, he clearly portrays that the advertisers always try to use attractive aspects to bring together their clients.
They have developed different methods of reaching into the minds of these young people. For example, through popular television programs like in MTV and other teen-popularized WebPages, favorite sports, trendy clothing and magazines this tends to attract them. He asserts that there is a massive exposure of the society to adverts such that they have grown resistant to most, partly because of mental filter, which society has created, that advertisers flood them with as many ads as they can.
This is evident in this Nike. com; given the way the player’s uniforms and the soccer stadium are displayed with advertisements. In conclusion, this essay has analyses how advertisement in the Nike. com has been achieved, the techniques used to enhance publicity and even loyalty to the product; how color schemes, imagery and sound effects have been used to achieve the high class adverts. Work cited Anastasia Goodstein What Would Madison Avenue Do?
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