The New Form of Presidency and Vice Presidency

Published: 2021-09-29 12:50:04
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With the research that I have gathered I believe Al Gore would pose as a good candidate to serve our country. However I also believe that George W. Bush would serve us well too. So I have come up with an idea that perhaps in the next presidential election there could be a republican and a democrat as running mates. Maybe one could be the vice president and the other the president. I believe that a lot more laws and bills could be passed, and the country could be satisfied as a whole.
Maybe the country could even come up with a new form of presidency where there are two presidents and one vice president. Then laws and bills may not be passed without both presidents being in agreement. The vice president would perform the same duties, while the presidents could get twice as much done in half the time.
Now if I had to choose on a presidential candidate it would be George W. Bush. I would choose him for two reasons, one for his beliefs on social security and two for his views on education. First off with social security and the way that it is currently heading I believe that there will not be enough money left to fund it for my children or me. Bush believes that it is a promise to our nation. He wants to change it, not for current retirees or those soon approaching it, but for the next generation. To put that money away where it

can earn higher interest rates. Now on to Bush"s views on public education. He has already reformed the public schools in Texas, and he wishes to do it all across the country. He wants to offer states the freedom form federal intervention, but receive results in return. Performance checks with also be held annually. With those two reasons alone give me a good enough will to vote for bush. If I were eighteen I would have no trouble when Election Day came.

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