The Perfect Customer Service Model

Published: 2021-09-29 10:30:03
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After looking over the customer service model I would use what I thought I would want to receive as a customer calling in for help. You have a preconceived notion as to what your customer service call would be like. For instance if I had a customer call I would like to greet them warmly and get right to the point as to what the problem is and what I am prepared to do in order to help them. A customer expects professionalism but they also expect understanding and dedication to their issue, so being very attentive is key.
This would be a part of my strategy. As far as the systems I would make sure that the use of the state of the art facility was used as well as up to date equipment and software, being on top of the newest technological trends and software will ensure fast and accurate repairs. Another important aspect of customer service is the representatives taking the calls. It is my duty to the customer to make sure that every individual they speak to has been trained and is qualified to help them.
I have had experiences where the responses are from a text and often times you get shifted to different people that are qualified in different areas. I think that making sure the persons receiving calls are qualified leads to a better customer service experiment the less run around and hold time the better. The management of the facility as well as other personnel must have a background in the customer service area as well as technology because they support the frontline.

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