The Rise of the Aztec Empire

Published: 2021-09-28 20:55:03
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The Rise of the Aztec Empire Aztec empire was one the most successful empire during the 14th and 15th centuries it is said to be the most lucrative and powerful Mesoamerican kingdoms at that time. The Aztec community began in the middle of a lake but later became the capital of an empire. Aztec was consisting of a diversity ethic group that lived in the area which stretched from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf coast. The Rise of the Aztec Empire and its aptitude to be so successful and powerful dominance and their quest was founded on their religious beliefs that were embedded within everyone.
These teaching drove them to conquest, to develop regions and building into temples. The Aztecs also called themselves, the Mexicans, but rose to power in a very short time as they searched for their promise land. The cities trade, agriculture, religion and societies were one of the major factors in the ability to survive and build a strong foundation for their leadership and livelihood. During the fall of the Teotihuacan and the Mayan civilization was full of grate expectation in every aspect. This is said to be one of the most advanced group of ancient American as they proved the system of the calendar and the system writing.
History reiterated that the Aztec came from the north which is called Aztian. The Aztecs built their city of Tenochtitlan on the site, which is now located in the center of Mexico. The Aztecs Empire comprised of two social classes. The lower classes were called Macehalli and the upper classes were called Pilli. These social classes were not defined by birth because a person could rise of the Pilli if they had great skills. All male children in the Aztec Empire were called Telpachalli. The women regard as subordinate to their man.

Above everything else, they were required to behave with sexual abstinence and high moral. The religion of the Aztecs was very in distance downwards which was partially due to the fact that they had inherited many religious beliefs from people they previously conquered. The Aztecs believed that the sun and the earth had been destroyed in a cataclysm and recreated four times. The Aztec laws were simple be harsh. They were very few times that result of a crime resulting from adultery to stealing was not punished by death. Other major offences were handling by the courts.
In 1426, the old ruler Tezozomoc died and was replaced by his son Maxlatzin. He was fretful that the Aztecs had been growing too strong under the Tepanec’s protection. He therefore sought to reduce the Aztec’s power in 1427. At this time, the Aztec’s third king died and was replaced by Itzcoatl, who chose Tlacaelel, a brilliant military strategist, as his chief adviser. The two of them decided to resist and fight rather than submit to Maxlatzin’s threats and pressure. Within a year, the Aztecs had crushed the Tepanec and destroyed their imperial city. So now the Aztec had become the greatest state in Mexico.

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