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Published: 2021-09-27 16:25:04
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Gold mining is the extraction of gold from the formation of gold-rich process. There area variety of techniques can be mined from the formation of the gold, the most primitive way is gold, then after Gold Separation Equipment Sieving. Currently on industrial multi- purified gold cyanide, but cyanide toxic, and therefore are developing new gold extraction reagents. Gold mining major ways: open pit gold mining can be divided into two and underground mining to underground mining based.
Suitable for open-pit mining in general and micro-fine gold placer mining. Placer gold mining has two mining and artificial gold mining ship, the former is used in eluvial zone and the presence of a large number of coarse gravel riverbed areas to dig for gold richer artificial horizon for the purpose. General dug placer exists only in some small profitable ore, ore grade of 0. 02 g / m3 can be more profitable.
Some gold mining river boat is larger, more stable gold grade gold layer, artificial profits or difficult to dig a large gold mining company under the gold mining area to the way large-scale mining, gold mining ship costs are normally up millions of dollars, and therefore requires a ood gold mining operation area. Underground mining is the main way Chinese gold mining, because most of the Chinese gold deposit is concealed, semi-concealed orebody, requires the use of open hole ways to mine gold In South Africa, the world's most advanced gold mining straight hole to a depth of 3,000 meters.

Since gold buried deep underground, sulphide mineral-based gold mining requires a higher ore grade, simple alternative minimum sulphide ore industry requirements in 2 grams / ton, mined at an average grade of 4 g / ton to profit . Depending on the complexity of he gold grade of ore types and optional other associated minerals may be, no useful elements of high muddy high arsenic sulfide gold ore is required to reach a favorable 7-10 g / t mined before.
As other major minerals associated minerals, such as zinc, copper associated grade often in one gram / ton, only in the case of other minerals as a companion to profitable mining. With the development of science and technology, gold mining equipment and Gold Separation Equipment are in constant innovation, I believe that one day in the near gold mining will become much easier.

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