Use of technology, constructivism theory and project based-learning

Published: 2021-09-30 01:25:05
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The research conducted by the research workers from Universiti Sains Malaysia is to look into the usage of engineering, constructivism theory and undertaking based-learning to accomplish a comprehensive instructional reform at the school degree. Four instructors from simple school located in the province of Oregon where project-based acquisition is implemented as an of import focal point of the school course of study had been chosen as participants. A qualitative methodological analysis was used to garner the informations through interviews, observations and papers analysis to turn to the research inquiry sing the usage of constructivism in a project-based acquisition puting in an simple school. Based on this research, it was found that the instructors did non do pre-planned attempts to incorporate elements of project-based acquisition, constructivism and engineering at the same time to execute a interactive relationship. The instructors used assortment of learning methods such as treatments, custodies on activities, picture presentations, field trips and conveying outside experts into schoolroom to do the pupils focal point and engage in the activities. However, they were non truly incorporating the constructivist rules in larning. This is inconsistent with their positive response on using constructivism in schoolroom. The research workers found that there was a big spread between the research-based theories and schoolroom patterns. The used of educational engineering was besides limited. The instructors were more likely to utilize traditional stuffs like books and printed textual in writing stuffs than utilizing electronic engineering, although each category has computing machines. There are some suggestions on how interactive relationship of the acquisition theories, engineering and project-based acquisition can be achieved in schoolroom from the research workers at the terminal of the article.
Part B
The research article `` Synergizing teaching method, larning theory and engineering in direction: How can it be done? '' is about the usage of constructivism ( larning theory ) and engineering in project-based acquisition ( teaching method ) in simple school. Based on this research, it was found that the instructors did non do pre-planned attempts to unite elements of project-based acquisition, constructivism and engineering to execute a interactive relationship. However, to some extent, some of the findings are applicable in Malaysia as it benefits the pupils and besides instructors.

The instruction method ( teaching method ) used in the schoolroom is project-based larning. Project-based acquisition can be defined as `` a comprehensive instructional attack to prosecute pupils in sustained, concerted probe '' ( Bransford & A ; Stein, 1993 ) . Harmonizing to current research ( Thomas, Mergendoller, & A ; Michaelson, 1999 ; Brown & A ; Campione, 1994 ) , undertakings are complex undertakings, based on disputing inquiries, that serve to form and drive activities, which taken as a whole sum to a meaningful project.This means that the pupils are given the chances to do probe on the subject to develop their apprehension of the constructs or theories and present their cognition in their ain ways.
In relation to Malayan schoolroom, this project-based acquisition can be applied to prosecute the pupils with the lesson. In the instruction and larning rules of Primary School Integrated Curriculum or besides known as KBSR, it states that undertaking is one of the techniques to guarantee instruction and larning effectivity ( Choong, 2008 ) . This is because project-based larning gives them the chance to research on their ain sing the subject being taught. It helps them to get the cognition more easy as they are the 1 who involve in the procedure of garnering the information and showing their thought based on their ain ways. For illustration in larning Science, the pupils have to carry on experiments to verify the constructs or theories that they learn. From here, it involves find larning which means that the pupils actively creates cognition based on the experiments ( Snowman & A ; Biehler, 2006 ) . Furthermore, the project-based acquisition is non merely restricted in Science category, since the undertakings are adaptable to different learning state of affairss ( Blumenfeld et al. , 1991 ) . This means that the undertaking besides can be used in other categories like Mathematics, English and so on. Through project-based acquisition, the pupils interact to interchange their sentiments and thoughts and larn to collaborate among themselves. Here, it promotes the sense of answerability in the pupils as they will experience responsible in taking portion actively in the undertaking. Yet, indispensable counsel is needed particularly from the instructor to do certain that the undertaking can be carried out swimmingly and the pupils are on the right path in making their undertaking.
Based on the research, we can happen that there is limited application of constructivist rules in the schoolroom. The instructors did utilize the rules but it is non truly stress during the lesson. Harmonizing to Woolfolk ( 2010 ) , `` constructivism emphasizes on the active function of scholars in constructing apprehension and doing sense of information '' . It means that, the scholars themselves construct their ain cognition based on their anterior cognition or experiences. The anterior cognition gives impact on the acquisition of the pupils as the pupils have to link their old cognition with the new information to organize meaningful apprehension. There are two constructivist fluctuations which are cognitive constructivism and societal constructivism. Harmonizing to Snowman & A ; Biehler ( 2006 ) , `` cognitive constructivism emphasizes the consequence of one 's cognitive procedures on meaningful larning while societal constructivism emphasizes the consequence of other people 's statements and point of position on meaningful acquisition '' . Both are of import in developing the pupils ' potencies and abilities in structuring their cognition.
In relation to Malayan schoolroom, constructivism is applicable particularly in assisting to develop the originative and critical thought among the pupils. In conformity with rational development which emphasized in the National Philosophy of Education, focal point is given in believing accomplishments in KBSR ( Choong, 2008 ) . Thinking accomplishments here refer to creative and critical thought. Harmonizing to Choong, both are inter-related since the purpose is to enable the pupils to understand, evaluate and use the information received for determination devising and job resolution. By utilizing constructivism in the schoolroom, it helps teacher to ease the acquisition to be more meaningful for the pupils. Students will happen the acquisition is synergistic and assist them in developing their thought. In using this theory in schoolroom, instructor should be able to associate the lesson with the pupils ' experience. This is supported by Nesamalar, et Al ( 20005 ) as they province that `` the students will be more easy understood the elements of his ain immediate environment than that which is foreign and distant '' . For case in English linguistic communication schoolroom, if a instructor wants to learn about pollution, he or she should come out with suited pre-reading activity, while reading activity and besides post reading activity. Pre reading activity is normally based on the pupils ' anterior cognition sing the subject. Teacher can motivate the pupils by inquiring them what they understand with the term pollution and are they cognizant with pollution jobs or non. From here, the pupils will seek to utilize their old cognition and reply to the instructor. The pupils are really linking their old cognition with the new cognition to organize meaningful apprehension. Lapp goes to post reading activity. For station reading activity, the instructor might inquire the pupils how they feel about pollution and ways to get the better of the pollution. From the activity, it enhances the originative and critical thought accomplishments of the pupils as they have to come out with their ain replies based on the subject.
Based on the research, the application of engineering is limited since the instructors prefer to utilize traditional instructional stuffs like books and other print-based textual in writing stuffs in the category although each category has computing machines. In relation to Malayan schoolroom, there are instructors who still utilizing books in instruction and acquisition procedure. Although it seems traditional, instructors believe that books help in their instruction. Some instructors refuse to utilize engineering in their instruction because engineering is clip devouring ( Chong et al, 2005 ) . However, instructors are advised to utilize engineering in their lesson since the usage of engineering in instruction in Malaysia is really of import as one of the tools to accomplish Vision 2020 to enable Malaysia to be one of the universe category instruction suppliers. Through engineering tools like computing machines, pupils learn `` as the computing machines support cognition building, geographic expedition, acquisition by making, larning by discoursing and larning by reflecting '' ( Snowman & A ; Biehler,2006 ) . Besides that, engineering promotes greater coaction among pupils and encourages communicating and the sharing of cognition ( Becta, 2003 as cited in Chong et Al, 2005 ) .
It is really of import for instructors to be able to incorporate instruction method, larning theory and engineering in learning and larning procedure to organize a interactive relationship. The three elements should be presented together non in isolation signifier in order to bring forth meaningful lesson to the pupils. This integrating is used to accomplish a comprehensive instructional transmutation at school degree. This research helps instructors to pull off their schoolroom better and affects instructors as pedagogues for since it is parallels with today schoolroom on certain grade. Through these findings, it helps instructors to reflect on their ain learning whether they have successfully incorporating the three elements which are project-based acquisition, constructivism and engineering in the schoolroom. Some instructors might be cognizant with the larning theory but are they practising it in the schoolroom? The instructors who are practising the larning theory in schoolroom are those who truly understand the acquisition theory every bit good as the pupils ' demands ( Rio Sumarni Sharafuddin, 2007 ) . Therefore, this research acts as benchmark for instructors in Malaysia to mensurate the effectivity of using teaching method, larning theory and engineering in presenting the cognition to the pupils.
There are few suggestions on how to advance these three elements in schoolroom. First, project-based acquisition should be an of import portion of the school course of study. This is because project-based acquisition is students-centered which means that it focuses on the pupils understanding by their ain instead than being spoon-feed by the instructors. Through undertaking based acquisition, the rules of constructivist are indirectly emerging during the acquisition. Here, the pupils learn to build their ain acquisition and associate their anterior cognition to heighten their thought and bring forth meaningful acquisition. Besides that, engineering like computing machines besides needs to be approachable and accessible to instructors and pupils. Harmonizing to Rio Sumarni Sharafuddin ( 2007 ) ;
`` With the outgrowth of computing machine engineerings, the constructivist positions in instruction and acquisition seemed easier to be implemented. This is because computing machine engineering is able to back up many of the rules of constructivist acquisition. Although the field of instructional design has evolved greatly, it would be nonmeaningful if these theories are ignored or even worst non practiced by the practicians '' .
Furthermore, by utilizing engineering, it helps both instructors and pupils in garnering the information from the net and helps to wider their positions. At the same clip, the rules of constructivist are besides embedded indirectly during learning and larning procedure. Another suggestion is instructors need practical cognition in incorporating elements of teaching method, larning theory and engineering. Some instructors might hold great content cognition on the topic they taught, but are they truly incorporating larning theory in presenting the cognition? Practical cognition helps instructors to present effectual lesson to the pupils. Furthermore, larning theory like constructivist is really utile in assisting the instructors to develop practical cognition in instruction.
For me personally, I realized that it is non easy to integrate these three elements during lesson. I have to be adept plenty in order to transport out meaningful lesson for my pupils. Using constructivist rules in my instruction pattern can heighten my pupils ' thought and their cognitive development. Here, as a hereafter instructor, I should be prepared in making independent larning environment for my pupils. Although it seems rather hard to accomplish, I must remain positive because nil is impossible. As a instructor, I should believe positively so that I will be able to incorporate the three elements which are project-based acquisition, constructivism and engineering in my category successfully. Thus, farther research should be done on this issue as it is really important for instructors and besides future instructors to understand how to organize interactive relationship between the three elements in instruction and acquisition procedure.

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