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Published: 2021-09-29 17:10:05
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These days, like the headway in a personal computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and communication technology, the noteworthiness of data is frequently growing. The sharing and move of information in the all-inclusive scale are getting far more straightforward and the relationship among individuals is getting rather expanded in light of the fact that the reliably developing of new correspondence advancements.
In an information society, particularly the information advancement, the techniques for media transmission and other electronic contraptions as said are used broadly. Also, the alterations in correspondence advances expect a gigantic part in social life and make new open entryways in the field of preparing. Data and correspondence innovation or known as ICT has transformed into a central bit of the general day by day presence of youths and grown-ups (Lydia, 2014).

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatApps, and YouTube are the sorts of social media that go about as a most recent device for a quick and successful medium in appropriating and getting data (Manoj, 2017). The procedure of correspondence, for example, sharing data or learning knowledge should be possible effectively inside a couple of moments with the rise of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and so on (Trisha, 2012).
Consequently, social media can interface individuals around the globe independent of contrasts and topographical limits. In Malaysia, the procedure of globalization has prompted the improvement of correspondence innovation quickly. This development will bring many changes to an individual, society, organization, and country. Recently, a statistic demonstrates that the number of social network users in Malaysia has increased from 2014 to 2022. In 2022, it is estimated that there will be around 20.42 million social network users in the country, up from 18.62 million in 2017 (Statista, 2018).
According to MCMC (2017), there were around 21.9 million social media users in 2016, of that 97.3% guaranteed that they claimed a Facebook account. Ownership of Instagram account (56.1%), YouTube (45.3%), Twitter (26.6%), LinkedIn (9.1%) and Tumblr (4.8%) saw an increase when contrasted with earlier year. Unexpectedly, YouTube has ranked at second as social media with the most user viewing website in Malaysia.
YouTube is a video sharing service that enables users to watch recordings posted by other users and upload video of their own. The administration was begun as an autonomous site in 2005 and was procured by Google in 2006. The video that have been transferred to YouTube may show up on the YouTube website and can likewise be posted on other websites, however, the documents are facilitated on the YouTube server (TechTerms, 2009). One of the reasons why YouTube is so widely used is that YouTube included User Generated Content (UGC) features.
According to Jose (2016), User Generated Content (UGC) is defined as any type of content that has been created and put out there by unpaid contributor or using a better term, fans. It is able to refer to photos, video, testimonials, tweets, blog post, and everything's in between and is the act of customers selling an emblem rather than the logo itself. People are actually capable of creating their own content material and take part in all types of applications together with WeBlogs, social networking, and online journalism.
A few customers create online content on each day basis. They proportion their reviews and evaluations approximately everything; from product reviews, services and infant recommendation to boyfriend issues, homework, makeup and game tutorials. Frequently beginning as an interest, developing online content on a personal WeBlog or channel can become a fulltime process. By way of developing content material on a day by day basis, large communities are built up with lots of unswerving fans. New fans and subscribers are gained every day. YouTube is one of the most famous structures on which creators share their content. With one single video, it's miles possible to attain millions of people.
Based on the research by Wilma (2016), the impact YouTubers have on the behavior of young adults is increasingly unparalleled. They are seen as function fashions and frequently recognized in the streets with the aid of their lovers. But, out of doors this online global, YouTubers are simply as normal as most of the people. Parents regularly do not recognize approximately the net behavior of their youngsters and the YouTubers that youngsters suggest. This results in puzzling moments when fans enthusiastically apprehend their favored YouTuber even as other humans do no longer understand who this unique YouTuber is.
In today's society, the lives of young people are indispensable to the Internet. It is the information and communications channel used. In the past, the use of the Internet only relied on a computer, now the Internet can be accessed using a smartphone that only has wireless Internet software. According to Muhamad (2017), Internet users in Malaysia are increasing every year from 24.2 million people in 2015 to 24.5 million people in 2016 and the figure is expected to jump further in 2017.
The increase in usage statistics was derived from Internet Users Review conducted by the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia where people were able to use the internet for four hours a day and 15.5% of consumers were teenagers under the age of 19 years. According to Bassridja (2009), teenager level is from 12-18 years old.
According to Minderjeet (2016), Malaysians invest twofold the energy viewing YouTube than some other country on earth. The study completed a year ago demonstrated 92 for each penny of Malaysians effectively peruse their smartphones while staring at the television. "It likewise demonstrates they cherish YouTube," said Sajith amid board talks on "So who watches YouTube in Malaysia ?", here today.
Malaysians matured somewhere in the range of 16 and 34 years of age watch the most YouTube recordings on a month premise. The review met 1,000 Malaysians matured 16 to 64 years on their YouTube seeing propensities crosswise over portable and work area gadgets; thinking about their favored survey times, session lengths, content classes and sharing propensities. (Minderjeet, 2016).
According to Raja (2011), in the era of globalization, the use of the Internet can often change the patterns and lifestyles of teens. The use of long online media over the hours creates an addiction to users. Users are more fun, complacent, and negligent in their own world. They will be angry and being mad when they cannot serve online social media. This symptom will be felt to users who are too addicted to online media especially on YouTube.
In a study commissioned by Defy Media, 63% of respondents matured between 13-24 said that they would attempt a brand or an item suggested by a YouTube content maker, though just 48% specified the same about a motion picture or TV star. In 2014, Variety charged a study asking U.S. adolescents matured 13-18 to decide the greatest influencers. In particular, they were requested to rank 20 prevalent identities in light of agreeability, credibility and other criteria, which the respondents regarded as parts of their general impact.
In the last positioning, prevalent YouTubers possessed the main five spots with customary famous people like Jennifer Lawrence and Katy Perry agreeing to bring down positions. In 2015, the magazine appointed this examination once more. However, the outcomes have ended up being the same as the best six spots going to famous YouTube stars (Andrew, 2017).
Hence, the many facilities available on the Internet provide many side effects to teenagers today. Obsessed teens with the use of online media are less focused on the lessons because their lessons are disrupted because there is no time to review. Additionally, the addiction to online media use also affects personal health and education, and even the country has also had a huge impact due to the unhealthy symptoms of app addiction that exists today. (Muhamad, 2017).
In view of that, researchers have conducted a study to identify what influence YouTubers have on the teenager. The examination explores what changes in conduct happen, how young people relate to YouTubers and how YouTubers think about their impact on youngsters. Also, the meetings explore whether the life of a YouTuber truly is as excellent as it looks in their recordings and whether young people know how genuine everything in their recordings is. Along these lines, the examination question of this exploration is as following: "What job do YouTubers play in the life of their high school watchers and how do YouTubers evaluate their own particular impacts and encounters?"
To carry out the research on the impact of YouTubers in the lives of young viewers and how the YouTubers assess their impact and experience among the teenagers in Johor Bahru. There are several questions that formed to use as the guideline of the research.
What role do YouTubers play in the life of their teenager's view?
How do YouTubers assess their own influences and experiences?
In this study, there are some objectives to carry out on the roles of YouTubers and the influences of them among the teenagers in Johor Bahru.

To identify YouTuber's role in the life of their teenager's view.
To understand how YouTubers assess their own influences and experience.

This study aims to see the phenomenon of the influences of YouTubers around teenagers in Johor Bahru. The study is focusing on teenagers who are studying, working and married that from 13 to 20 years old. This study also focusing on the teenagers who are specifically from Johor Bahru. They are multiracial teenagers with different lifestyles and backgrounds.
Examples, the teenagers that selected for this study is 12 people where 3 of them are studying in secondary school, 3 of them are studying in high schools, 3 of them is from university or college, 1 of them is already working after SPM examination and another 2 informants is housewife. Besides, this study also focusing on the importance of the role of YouTubers in today's youth society. To make clear about teenagers view's on YouTuber. Consequently, the main focus of this study is on the influences of YouTubers among teenagers.
In conducting this study, there are some goals and preferred lines that are intended to benefit the purpose and to be a source of reference to society as well as to future studies. In general, this study is intended to study the influence of YouTubers among teenagers especially the age range is between 13 to 20 years old in Johor Bahru. The study also aims to examine today's issue for teenagers who are affected by YouTubers can be contained. In addition, the findings of this study have also brings benefited to parents.
Through this study, the parents could know more about the behavior of their teenagers which influence by YouTubers and have a lot of information to advise the teenagers who are especially trapped in the influence of YouTubers on social media. The findings of this study are also expected to assist academicians to further explore factors and methods to address job status destabilization in society as well as to assist the school in particular to take appropriate action regarding this phenomenon.
In this study, some terms in the appropriate context will be used for interpretation.
Researchers have used the term YouTubers where the word YouTubers is familiar with among teenagers. In this research, the term YouTubers is referred to a person who uploads, produces, or appears in videos on the video-sharing website YouTube. Besides, YouTubers also know as someone who uploads YouTube videos, particularly someone who has somewhat of a fan base. Although it can mean anyone on YouTube, in this research, it specifically means someone who makes videos and already has their own channel or company.
In addition, the term teenagers are also frequently used by researchers in this study. Teenagers are the transitions between children beginning with physical and mental maturity, between 13 and 20 years of age, as young adulthood. The teenagers at this stage will experience changes in their own bodies, they will develop their minds more openly, quickly attracted and easily emotionally aroused. Teenagers used in this context are teens who are involved in addicted to watching YouTube as well as teenagers who fall in admiration of Youtubers especially teenager secondary school, high school, university students and teenagers that is working after taking SPM examination.
Social media is a computer program that provides the function for people to communicate and exchange information on the Internet. It is also an Internet-based application group that builds on the basis of ideology and technology. Social media serves as a medium to connect through applications such as Facebook, Wechat, Whatapps and so on. Social media such as Youtube help teens to access YouTubers videos without restrictions.
To understand more easily, it is necessary to know the media's intentions first. Media is one of the means of communication, for example, magazines, newspapers, and even radio. Generally, social media is an online medium with the use of the Internet and make people feel easy and convenient to communicate through social networks.

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