Why i want to be an engineer

Published: 2021-09-27 23:25:03
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Why I want to be an engineer? What are the characteristics of succesfull engineer? Through my high school life, I have watching my father was working as a contractor for his part time job other than his permanent job. I am so fascinated by his job and get intrigued by all civil engineering channels on television. As I am on my expedition to define myself, I also acknowledge the value of life and aspire to value everything that dwells within It. My drive as civil engineers triggers when my closest cousins succeded her career as civil engineer and working at JKR.
I have become more confidents to select this path as my career. There are many reasons for why I want to participate in becoming an engineer. My greatest anxiety for people Is their need for safety and comfort. Growing up In a safe neighborhood, I understand the importance of safety. Other than that, it's a job that pays a practically high income due to the level of skills and expertise required, and the ongoing responsibilities to ensure safe, accurate, and enduring engineering outcomes.
On the other hand, Clvll engineers can work in a diversity of work environments, including in the public sector, as contractors, consultants, or even as part of a firm hat undertakes work outsourced from municipalities and government. That Is why im still contented with my choices in this field as I still can decide which path do I want to take part with. Throughout my Internship when I studied at polytechnic, I have been working in a consultant firm. I have felt that it suits me better than working as contractor.

But, I never get Involved yet working in a construction firm. On my Journey to become a succesfull engineer, there are many features that need to be fullfil. I think to become a successful engineer; you need to acquire the alue of teamwork, cooperation, ceativity and management skills. Then, having a big picture as mentality, creatMty, the ability to function as a member of a team, the ability to work without supervision and to handle high levels of responsibility.
The important thing is to acquire the needed certificates to Justify our career and get qualify to be a Professional Engineer. Other than that, we need to be result oriented, have good leadership qualities, good communication skills and commitment towards work. My role model in this field is my former boss when I was working during my internship. He has become my iconic engineer that really inspires me because he was striking his way since young to have his own his consultant firm.
Astonishingly, he has his own consultant firm that he built with his own to serves people. Other a very respected person, he never slighted his employee's opinions. I am also fantasizing of having my own consultant's firm. I am totally obligated to becoming a successful engineer and will work boundlessly in order to achieve my goals. Im keenly to finish my degree and developed as a qualified civil engineers and getting my dreams become reality.

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