Womens Rights After the American Revolution

Published: 2021-09-28 16:00:03
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Nadine Elsigai APUSH Ms. Shalimar November 10, 2012 FRQ The American revolution set the wheels into motion for the Women’s Rights movement, it helped shaped the lives of even today’s women. Between 1790 and 1860 the roles of women dramatically changed politically and socially, it brought on a new era for women creating a more empowered sense of womanhood opening up job opportunities and giving women a chance at equality. With the American revolution came an entirely new perspective of female ability.
A entire political world was opened up to the female population education became more common for the group of white middle class women. Changing dramatically form being souly educated for religious purposes, the demand for education for women increased it was a battle very quickly won and women slowly became more well-rounded and knowledgeable. Although women’s legal rights were still little it was becoming more evident that they were capable of more than what was previously believed.
Many new arguments arose questioning how a women trusted with the duty of shaping the future generation was ‘small minded’. Women themselves were realizing their own abilities. During the revolution they helped as much as they could using their needlework to pay off war debts, this boosted the women’s confidence many were expecting better occupations as well as voting rights. These events all led to the women’s awakening and prompted them to fight for their rights.

The revolution also prompted many social changes for women. The acts women accomplished during the revolution opened the eyes of many dramatically changing the role of women within society as a whole. Following the American revolution women went from begin the slaves of their household to becoming a more valued role within society. Women were slowly shedding the weak frail image of themselves and welcomed new responsibilities with opened arms.

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