Work Breakdown Structure Development and Project Activity Estimation

Published: 2021-09-28 01:00:03
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Work Breakdown Structure Development and Project Activity Estimation Charmaine Allen Professor Michael Chu November 15, 2013 In working on the migration for the financial services legacy system to a Web-based cloud solution, I took into consideration the project management plan, the technical planning, the Cloud Web migration specification and the system testing. In addition, I considered the Support Services to include Configuration Management which will monitor any changes and finally the Migration of the system.
Project management is ery Important for any IT project to stay on track, each step Is critical to the success of the project. The different planning stages are the map for the project setting up the steps for the project team to follow. In some of the stages the team members are Involved, that allows the opportunity to be part of the planning stage. According to Jack Marchewka, "The purpose of risk analysis and assessment is to determine what opportunities and threats should be addressed". In identifying possible risk in the plan, there Is the risk of over extending the team members, you can burnout the eam members quickly.
Mitigation would be redistributing the work among the team, or there may be a need to add additional staff. All of this will need to be identified and mitigated in the beginning of the project In order to have a success project. Another risk would be to make changes without documentation, to mitigate this risk; Configuration management must be engaged in all discussions and decisions of changes. The third risk Is lack of communication and mitigation means keeping all parting engaged in progress of the project. Making sure everyone on the team is ncluded in all communications.

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